Reimbursement of ISO 9001/14001 Certification / Consultancy Expenses

Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India is supporting and working through various schemes to build competitiveness in small scale industries. One of the schemes is on promotion of the implementation of ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certification in small scale industries. Finance could be a major deterrent for the small scale industries to invest in implementation of the quality management and/or environmental management system standards. To support this endeavor, the ministry reimburses the consultancy and the certification expenses up to a maximum of Rs 75,000/- for the small scale industries.

To regulate the quality of certification and to promote national accreditation structure, Ministry of Small Scale Industries had earlier taken the decision to only accept NABCB accredited certificates for reimbursement.

In its recent meeting, the Ministry has also decided that with effect from January 1, 2007, the consultancy expenses arising from the consultancy work done by the following categories of consultants will be considered for reimbursement:
  1. Consultants registered with NRBPT
  2. TQM Division of Textiles Committee
  3. National Productivity Council (NPC)
  4. Consultancy Development Centre (CDC)
  5. Small Industries Institute

The units will have to forward their application with a copy of the receipts from consultants for the fees received by then from the industry duly attested by any of the following;

  1. Director of Industries
  2. Director, Small Industries Service institute
  3. General Manager, Distt. Industries Centre
  4. Chartered Accountant

For further details of the scheme, kindly contact:

Office of the Development Commissioner
Small Scale Industries
Nirman Bhawan
7 th Floor
Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi - 110 011
Tel: 2302 2220, 2301 2221, 2302 2211
Fax: 2301 8315

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