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Ready Mix Concrete Plant Certification Scheme (RMCPCS)

Quality Council of India (QCI) has taken an initiative to establish an independent third party voluntary "RMC Plant Certification Scheme" in the country to assure quality in operations and processes of RMC Plants. This scheme was developed with the active participation and technical support from Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers' Association (RMCMA), a Mumbai based non-profit industry organization of leading Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) producers in India; Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) under Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India and various other stakeholders.

In the era of huge infrastructure development in the country, the launch of this scheme will not only be very useful for the RMC manufacturing industry to benchmark itself with quality certifications but will also provide consumer the RMC produced in a quality certified RMC Plant. The RMC Plants Certification Scheme has two options for certification, one being 'RMC Capability Certification' and other being 'RMC 9000+ Capability Certification', the later ensuring compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001 also in addition to the QCI Scheme requirements.


The detailed Production Control Criteria for RMC has been established laying down the requirements on plant and equipment, key personnel, concrete mix design, production, testing facilities, control on quality of concrete ingredients, final product, delivery, control and maintenance of process control equipment etc. which the RMC Plant must comply in order to get certified under the scheme.

RMC Plants for obtaining above certification shall be certified by NABCB Accredited Certification Bodies complying with the requirements as specified under this scheme.

Gujarat Govt. has a scheme to subsidize cost of certification for any certification scheme endorsed/approved by Quality Council of India (QCI). The details are available under their website link http://www.ic.gujarat.gov.in/assistance-for-quality-certification.aspx

For more information please write to rmcpcs@www.izcpmbk.tw.

* the certification body needs to assess the auditor as per their own competence criteria.

List of Certified client under RMCPCS

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