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Mr.Adil Zainulbhai The Project Planning & Implementation Division is a brainchild of its current Chairman- Mr. Adil Zainulbhai. He recognized that complex and slow-moving processes in government result in lack of talented workforce into various roles within the government. While the government knew of and needed a better workforce, it was unable to do so from within. Hence, he had the vision of setting up a team of young professionals who could help the government from outside on key issues and provide support wherever required. This was the primary motivation for the creation of the Project Planning & Implementation Division in QCI.

Since then, the Project Planning & Implementation Division has evolved primarily into a social sector consulting organization, which works with various ministries and departments on strategy and monitoring projects. While the Project Planning & Implementation Division began back in June 2015, it received its first project in September 2015 which involved working with senior bureaucrats in 20 Central Ministries to improve quality of public services by analyzing citizens’ grievances.

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