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The Project Planning & Implementation Division comprises young professionals who help the government from outside on key issues and provide support wherever required. Project Planning & Implementation Division offers a variety of roles based upon candidate’s capabilities. Depending on your academic background and professional experience, you can join Project Planning & Implementation Division in a variety of roles listed below.

Apply as a Project Manager

Project Managers at Project Planning & Implementation Division get exposure to a wide spectrum of sectors across different strategic, functional and operational aspects, and above all, an opportunity to really make a difference.

Project Managers are responsible for the Project Planning & Implementation Division project deliverables. They are typically responsible for developing and scoping the project, managing both client & team’s expectations and delivering final project outputs to the client.

Additionally, Project Managers are also responsible for setting up internal QCI processes, driving internal initiatives and managing culture of the organization as well as liasoning with QCI’s higher management for their respective projects.

Apply as an Associate/Junior Associate

Associates at Project Planning & Implementation Division are self-driven individuals with strong problem solving and communication skills.

Associates are responsible for the deliverable of a work-stream by managing client requirements and expectations on their respective work-stream. They play a key role in gathering data, for a discrete part of the problem solving for each engagement with a client, contributing to the team's final recommendations, and presenting work to Senior Bureaucrats.

Moreover, Associates also contribute towards setting up the Project Planning & Implementation Division by driving multiple initiatives.

Apply as an Intern

Interns at Project Planning & Implementation Division are young individuals with a mindset of ‘everything is possible’. Their key tasks include conducting primary and secondary research and developing strategic analysis studies. They also contribute by being an integral part of the team to understand the issue in hand and contribute towards the project.

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