National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority (NGCMA) enters into an MoU with Quality Council Of India.

The National GLP-compliance Monitoring Authority (NGCMA) established by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India has entered into an MoU with Quality Council of India (QCI) partnering QCI for the effective implementation of GLP certification program. The Schemes which shall continue to be owned by NGCMA shall utilise the resources available with QCI for effective co-ordination of the activity towards operationalisation of GLP certification programme.


The principal objective of this Memorandum is to establish a mechanism wherein QCI shall support NGCMA for effective implementation of GLP certification program through a structured approach by managing the GLP certification programme. The focus of this partnership is to promote GLP in the identified sectors.


The sole focus of QCI will be to manage the audits, assessments utilizing the Inspectors / assessors approved by NGCMA. QCI shall also provide support for organizing relevant and technical meetings needed to ensure / maintain competence of the Inspectors / assessors. Apart from the above activities, QCI will partner NGCMA in organizing various Training courses/ Capacity building programmes such as:

  1. Training courses for GLP inspectors (Basic/ Advanced/ Refresher Courses)
  2. Training Courses for Test facility personnel (Study Directors, Quality Assurance personnel) etc.
  3. Brainstorming Meeting with Test Facility Managements- Sensitization/ Awareness workshops on GLP


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