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Biomedical Skill Certification Scheme (BSCS)

Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ), the Quality Council of India (QCI) through the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) andAssociation of Indian Medical Devices Industry (AiMeD), have jointly established the Indian Biomedical Skill Consortium (IBSC) in February 2018.

The IBSC has put in place an equivalence system of value-based assessment covering educational training, work experience and competency possessed by practitioners of biomedical engineering skills. The outcome is a Technology Competency Score (TCS) level (1 to 10) which is framed on parity with other such professional bodies in many other countries. While the TCS score shall not be a licence to practice the subject, it shall be an internationally harmonised rating for skill recognition.

Why IBSC Certification

Gives due recognition to the importance of skilled biomedical engineers in India. Would elevate minimum qualified engineers in accordance to their experiences. Provides an equivalent opportunity to practice profession abroad. Adds worth to the organizations they are already working for.

Personnel Assessment Bodies

IBSC has set up a system for assessment and certification of Biomedical professionals. While it is envisaged that in the long run, independent personnel certification bodies complying with the applicable international standard, ISO 17024 and accredited by NABCB would come up, initially AMTZ would administer the assessment through Personnel Assessment Bodies (PABs) having Authorized Examination Centres duly approved by QCI.

For this purpose QCI has defined requirements in the document “Provisional Approval of personnel assessment bodies and authorized examination centres” to be fulfilled by PABs with AECs desirous of operating under the Scheme.

The individuals desirous of getting certified under the scheme can see details at https://ibsc-amtz.in/

For more information please write to anupam.nabcb@www.izcpmbk.tw

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